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A most crafty way to refer to marijuana. Particularly useful for dealers who solicit lay people in public, because it is obvious ("hemp"), yet anyone who overhears will assume you are speaking about Bob Hope.
Stoner: Sister, I heard you were interested in Bob Hemp

Nun: I certainly am.

Overhearing Priest: Bob Hope? Great choice! Anyway, Hail Mary!

Nun: That was close.

<dumps collection plate into messenger bag, receives ziplock of pot>
by TreeWeezel April 03, 2011
meatgazer (girl who stares at guy's junk) + glance. Upon accusation of meatgazing, the offender will usually admit it but say she "just glanced". The proper compromise is to call her a meatglancer, or more aptly put, meatglazer.
Guy 1: JWebb is staring at Blick's meat. MEATGAZER!
JWebb: I only glanced.
Guy 1: Then you're a meatglazer. MEATGLAZER!
by TreeWeezel April 02, 2011
Rabbits or pet rodents, particularly attention-loving or excitable ones. Although it is well known that rabbits only bite the wicked.
I like to pet the fuzzy little fingerbiters.
by TreeWeezel March 20, 2011
Use like "the man", as in "you da man!". Also applies to objects.
you did it! you are The Ham!

how's your beer? it's The Ham.
by TreeWeezel December 05, 2011
Proposed website with UD like format consisting only of rejected UD entries. Cooperation with UD will be required to verify that all submissions were rejected from UD. The best of these will be published in the Hall of Shame
I can't believe _____ got rejected from UD! to the urban hall of shame.

Wow there's some good stuff in the urban hall of shame. UD should maybe address the complete lack of selectivity and training of editors.
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011
When an UD submission bounces around in limbo for months, receiving exactly as many approvals as disapprovals.
Dude: Where's that cool word you made up? Rejected?
Dude 2: No, it's still bouncing around in urban purgatory.
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011
A very urban situation, originating on the east coast. The perps wait for their target with crates of eggs, then egg the crap out of him.
Beastie Boys "Eggman":


(describing an egg raid)
by TreeWeezel April 07, 2011

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