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Musical term, adapted from traditional Italian "batmani"

Denotes a section with a heavy, repeated 2 note rhythm. The most famous example in popular music is the Theme from Batman

Guitarist: Take it from the third chorus
Bassist: ..Duh...
Guitarist: <sigh> The batmans.
Bassist: OK. D D____ D D ____D D _____D D_____
Guitarist: Take it from the third chorus
Bassist: ..Duh...
Guitarist: <sigh> The batmans.
Bassist: OK. D D____ D D ____D D _____D D_____
by TreeWeezel April 24, 2011
From movie TRON and "tonic" meaning liquid.

The glowing blue beverage from TRON, consisting of pure energy. In the analog world, the closest thing is the appropriately colored and aptly named blue Powerade
I started to get tired playing basketball in the heat so I took a big gulp of Trontonic. It tasted like pure energy!
by TreeWeezel April 16, 2011
A fiercely competitive UD editing contest. Each contestant has 20 minutes to make as many removals as possible. Common strategies are typing in first names and submitting with blank explanation lines. This can be more fun than an Urban Contest because of the race format and because removals are processed so quickly.
I won the urban battle: 20 removals in 20 minutes.
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011
Raw potatoes, or even better, other root vegetables sliced thin and crunchy.

Regular chips may technically be vegetarian, but this kind of chip is also vegetarian in spirit.
Dude: How's the party?
Bag: I'm doing okay, I brought my wheatgrass juice...do you have any snacks that are MORE vegetarian?
Dude: <picks up raw, unscrubbed potato with sprouted eyes and slices onto plate> Here, have some vegetarian chips.
Bag: Oh thank you!
by TreeWeezel April 09, 2011
Subject of botched business metaphors
You need to look at both sides of the pie

My contribution? I've taken his bit and her bit all together in one pie

Yes the pay's the same, but you'll be getting a slice from a bigger pie.

Well if I take your pie and his pie, and put them all into the same pie, and we cut our pie into slices based on scale, we end up with more pie for all of us.
by TreeWeezel April 06, 2011
(verb) To leave clothes in the dryer too long, not iron them, and then wear them to work with canyon-like wrinkles.
Dude: Boss looks like a slob today
Man: It's because his shirt has geologic wrinkles.
Dude: Then he baniked his laundry!
by TreeWeezel April 05, 2011
While editing, coming across a word you had submitted yourself weeks earlier.
Wow, I'm judging my own word! What an urban dictionary coincidence! approve approve approve!
by TreeWeezel April 04, 2011

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