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Word used by people who are too stupid to add two extra letters and spell the actual word, whore.
"uR a sTuPiD hor!!!!!thirteen"
by Brittany Flaherty August 26, 2006
1. shortened version of a last name
2. prostitute/whore/slut
3. friendly greeting
1. i saw dave hor at pennstate last weekend!
2. yo, hor, way to take off your shirt!
3. hey hor! we miss and love you.
by sexyhor12 March 14, 2005
A fan of the band The Horrors, but NOT a fangirl/fanboy. It is also possibly the best name ever for fans of something.
The Hors are a friendly bunch, especially when intoxicated.
by JohnnyVonReck June 06, 2007
Literal spelling of hor. Normally use sarcastically online, rarely as a direct insult, unless you are a complete idiot and do not see what when you misspell as simple a word as whore you will be mocked endlessly by the elite grammar nazis of the 'net.
-My heade is pastede on, yay!
-That's my head, hor!
by Megan September 04, 2004

-insert face here-
She sleeps in an alleyway, does drugs, and sucks dicks.

She's a hor.
by itbacktakingspimp October 30, 2007
another word for hor or horse either term can be used or more than one hor or horses
like when u play H-O-R-S-E in basketball when u get an h you are a Ha, when you get an O you are a Ho, when you get R you are a Hor, when you get then to S you are a Hors, and then when u get E you become a Horse then
by L-I-N-D-S-E-Y November 23, 2005
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