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The coolest bridge in the ENTIRE WORLD. It has three legs. Seriously.
Midland, MI has a sweet tridge.
by Tim May 07, 2005
An adjective used to describe a noun, in which said noun could be alternatively described as "totally sick", "radical", or "wicked".
That wave was sooooo narley, man!
by Tim April 01, 2005
alternative speeling of knobjockey. A derogatory term for a homosexual male. Also used to describe unliked heterosexual males.
Is he (possible gay male) a (k)nobjockey.
You are such a fucking nobjockey!
by Tim August 02, 2003
Slang for the city of Antioch California
sup man where you at? i'm in yoc-town near the regal
by Tim October 02, 2004
blump-kin (adj.)
The description of an action or event that is so incredible that it can only be accurately described or compared by the reception of a blow job while shitting.

word origin - "BLUMP" Old French Porn -, "KIN" - Middle English, Blump-kin Urban Dictionary
My last blumpkin was blumptastic.
by Tim January 24, 2004
Slut in a Hurry
She's even desperate for a Slurry
by Tim March 24, 2004
Heavily intoxicated
I've had way too much to drink tonight, I'm so dreezed!
by Tim August 27, 2003

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