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355 definitions by Tim

1. the target of tims cupcakes
2. a pussy; a person with no balls that wont ask whats on their minds

*throws cupcake*
by tim September 25, 2004
45 175
To pleasure oneself
She told him joshing would make him go blind.
by Tim November 16, 2003
28 192
a punk who hates politics and the government so much, that they refuse to take a shower, due to the fact that the government provides them with the water. resulting in a shit-like smell.
Man it smells like shit in here!... there must have been a crust punk show last night.
by Tim August 22, 2004
173 366
HB Woodlawn in Arlington Virginia is possibly the worst school in the country. Yes, some random old people that came to a bunch of different schools said they were good, but what do they know? I dont care what they tell you, but THEY ARE HIPPIES. drug addicts? yes. alcoholics? yes. whores? yes. The saddest part about HB is that every time they have a problem, which, being messed up hippies, occur all the time, they feel they have to blame their problems on people from Yorktown. Why? because they're jealous, dirty, shitheads. Yorktown is not only richer and just generally a better school, but they are also better then HB kids at everything except making idiots of themselves. The fact that HB losers have to blame their problems on Patriots just proves their moral instability and insecurity about their actions and personal life.

for the light readers: HB is gay
n- HB Woodlawn can suck a negro D

adj- What an HB Woodlawn thing to do

v- go HB Woodlawn, you whore
by tim March 31, 2005
35 324
This refers to someone who is scared.
"You little chicken butt!"
by Tim April 18, 2005
96 503