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tim struggling to maintain an erection
by tim June 29, 2003
The most notorious outlaw in the United States. Escaped from New York, and L.A.
snake plissken is a cool son of a bitch
by tim March 25, 2005
The day after Tuesday and before Thursday
What day is tomorrow?

by Tim February 05, 2005
The sensitive, vital part in the neck.
Dude, you just took one in the jugular!

Frank: You're crazy man, I like you, but you're crazy!
by tim September 29, 2004
1) an AC/DC single
2) an album of the same name of the single
1) I'm currently listening to "Back In Black".
2) "Back In Black", according to a book, is one of the greatest rock albums ever.
by Tim April 02, 2004
Sexy lil lady with sexy attitude
Leoni... The girl I love...
by Tim October 14, 2004
a crack fiend.
Dude, I'm not hitting a bowl with white powder on it. I ain't a fuckin' cluck!
by Tim March 13, 2003

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