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Method of smoking pot using two hot knives from the stove and small amount of rolled up ganja. Most effective and cheapest way to smike da 'erb
Who's up for spots? Those 3 spots knocked me on my ass
by tim April 23, 2003
A term describing a person who has a bald-head, homosexual tendencies and questionable personal hygiene.
Riley Davis is a Cunk Nuggle.
by Tim November 22, 2004
the mavrience knight
He Is Aswin
by Tim May 26, 2004
Hairy, squat, laconic Nemesis of Superman
"Grundy hate Superman. Grundy want smash Superman. Grundy want pants, too."
by Tim February 06, 2004
you put it on your foot...
i hate wearing socks, but its the cool thing to do!...now if only i was cool.
by tim October 22, 2003
a broke down wanna be gangster
look at that nerd hanging around those gangters, he wants to be a gangster, but he's a wangster
by Tim October 29, 2002
(n.) A golf score of two strokes under par on a hole.
I can't believe Bob shot an eagle on 15!
by tim September 07, 2004

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