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1. Extremely heretical.

2. Something that is heretical, but literally delicious.
1. Hey, remember that time we stole the Ark of the Covanent, then held out against the crusades? Yeah, that was infidelicious.

2. Porkchops during Ramadan? Infidelicious!
by Tim March 03, 2005
(n.) A golf score of two strokes under par on a hole.
I can't believe Bob shot an eagle on 15!
by tim September 07, 2004
An act which ghouls find insulting. Usually performed by a sow.
That sow slights us far too much.
by Tim January 19, 2004
acronym for What Sex Am I. An expletive said when encountering a person whose gender is indeterminate.
Dude, check out that w'sai!
by Tim August 22, 2003
Hairy, squat, laconic Nemesis of Superman
"Grundy hate Superman. Grundy want smash Superman. Grundy want pants, too."
by Tim February 06, 2004
A term describing a person who has a bald-head, homosexual tendencies and questionable personal hygiene.
Riley Davis is a Cunk Nuggle.
by Tim November 22, 2004
guy who can't sing whom got a record contract. he usually screws up the lyrics, and isn't original in any of his songs, for he never wrote one of his own songs.
She Bangs: Ricky Martin
I Believe I can fly: R. Kelly or me first and the gimmes
YMCA: the village people
Can you feel the love tonight: Elton john
by Tim August 17, 2004
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