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Large, mushy boobs that melt into wide puddles when the woman lies on her back.
Her rack looked epic when she was in her bra, but as soon as she took it off and lay down on her back, they turned into chest puddles.
by The Colonel February 27, 2006
Uneven ripples on waves (similar to a boat wake) typically caused by angled backwash during an ebbing tide. These ripples warp the wave and create an unsteady, wobbly ride (warp + wobbbly = warbly).
Dude, that wave was so warbly that I wiped out.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
Large, saggy tits. Breasts that flap in the wind.
I used to think Jewel was a hot folk singer with big tits, but after seeing her perform during a NASCAR race, I realized that she's just an Alaskan chick with flappy baps and a snaggletooth.
by The Colonel February 27, 2006
To heckle in a public setting.
Dude, let's go sit on the corner and roust all the kooks who walk by.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
Sklabby is the combination of skinny and flabby and refers to women (usually European) women who are skinny and yet also out of shape. In America you typically find two exremes - women who are either big and fat, or women who are skinny and in great shape. In Europe, you won't find many women who are terribly fat, but you also won't find many women who are terribly fit either. A chick may have a small ass, but it'll be jiggly ass - skinny and flabby.
We went to this nice beach in Bali which was covered in Sklabby Euro chicks.
by The Colonel September 27, 2004
Saline breast implants. Refers to creases in the saline bags which you can actually see on the surface of a woman's breast. Usually seen when a woman is bending over or in any non-vertical position - you'll see lines or creases running along the sides of the breasts (imagine a zip-lock sandwich baggie filled with water). Typically seen as a sign of a low budget breast augmentation procedure, as well as the inferior nature of saline breast implants when compared to silcone.
Dude, that chick at the beach was pretty hot but she had full on crinkle cones.
by The Colonel November 09, 2005
A gay man's beard.

The belief is that the attraction of beards within the gay community is actually a latent heterosexual attraction to the female genitalia. Hence, the man's mouth become a surrogate vagina...hair and all.

Related words:
"box" - slang for vagina.
"trap" - slang for mouth.
Bob wants to wrap his boxtrap around Neil's jockstrap.
by The Colonel May 01, 2006
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