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38 definitions by The Colonel

A state of mind induced by drinking copious quantites of scotch. Usually can be identified by a happy, mellow feeling at night and a dry mouth the next day.
Don't drive while scotched.

Why go to a bar and drink when you can sit home and get scotched?
by The Colonel December 02, 2004
Alternate pronunciation for "fucking dumb ass". Can be spoken in a French accent, hence the Franco-inspired pronunciation.
Tell Pierre that he's a foo-king do-may.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
A gay man's beard.

The belief is that the attraction of beards within the gay community is actually a latent heterosexual attraction to the female genitalia. Hence, the man's mouth become a surrogate vagina...hair and all.

Related words:
"box" - slang for vagina.
"trap" - slang for mouth.

After Bob came out of the closet, the first thing he did was buy a white Miata and grow a boxtrap.
by The Colonel May 12, 2006
To vomit profusely after a heavy night out
Oh, I can't believe he just ashed everywhere
by the colonel March 27, 2004
The jamming of one's thumb into the deck of a surfboard - caused by extremely hard surf wax being applied to the board on a cold morning and then catching on the existing wax.
Dude, it was so cold this morning that I got the worst klugle when I was waxing my board. I almost bent my fingernail back.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
n; a whore whom is especially cunty; a person not very well liked; a slunt with no regard for anything at all, in the world, ever.
eg; "OW! That hurt, you cunty cunty whore! Stop that." or "Jesus, you are a cunty cunty whore, I can't believe you." or "who in their right mind would screw that cunty cunty whore?"
by The Colonel April 10, 2003
A boogie board - a soft, spongey flotation device used to ride waves on one's belly.
Look at all the little kids on sponges out in the water.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003