38 definitions by The Colonel

A particularly deep or cavernous tube created by a breaking wave.
The surf was unreal today, bro...I pulled into some sick pits.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
Unidentifiable substance, usually of a secreted, bodily fluid type nature. Australian version of "shmegma".
Dude, I've gotta change my shirt...I just noticed that there's clag all over it.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
Young punks that are full of testosterone and looking to get into fights.
Dude, the NOFX show was cool but the pit was full of baby rattlesnakes.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
To have relations (of a sexual nature) with a woman.
Dude, see that hot blonde chick? I rigged her last night.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
An extremely attractive female.
Dude, that blonde chick is such a nugget...you should go talk to her.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
A bad, skinny ninja
Damn, Jim is a slim bavis
by The Colonel October 01, 2003
a mentally handicapped person
that stamp lickers tongue hangs so far outta his mouth he should get a job outside the post office.
by the colonel December 06, 2003

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