38 definitions by The Colonel

To be drunk and stoned at the same time
After a 40oz and a blunt I'm lupid
by The Colonel October 01, 2003
Bits of cocaine stuck to one's nose hairs.
Dude, I gotta check the mirror for bats in the cave before we go to the club.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
v. to perform a totally cool and violent action, observable by peers

v. to judiciously kick a man, woman, child, or animal's ass

v. to maintain street credibility;
adj. for street cred
Did you see the way Stewart Chuck Norrised that fucking guy's neck? That's awesome.

Phil Chuck Norrised that cat because it gave him a look and walked across the hall.

Did you see the way Travis slapped that bitch? That's Chuck Norris.
by the colonel March 30, 2005
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