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To succeed, to completely destroy, or to pulverize something or someone.
I just Chuck Norrised the hell out of that test.

Dude... we totally Chuck Norrised that bottle of Jaeg last night.

by Sara Em November 21, 2006
to be rendered unconscious, or killed instantly by a swift roundhouse kick to the face
guy 1: HOLY CRAP!!! i think i killed him.

guy 2: i said kick him, you chuck norrised him man.

guy 3: sorry
by Drakethacrusty March 25, 2009
to forward kick something or someone with great force.
-dude why you kick my door like that?! you're not chuck norris.
-ya but I chuck norrised it.
by the akuma slayer January 07, 2008
You have to have freshly trimmed your pubes and have kept the clippings. You are receiving a blowjob with the female kneeling infront of you. Just before you cum you pull out and cum on her face you then throw the clippings on her face creating the signature Chuck Norris beard then roundhouse kick her to the back of the head.
i was getting a blowjob last night and it was the worst i ever had, so i Chuck Norrised her.
by Bad Karma, Mitch,Mario June 17, 2009
Another way of saying (you kicked ass or kicked someones ass) mostly everything you touch gets its ass handed to them.
1. Johnny: "Holy Crap! You Chuck Norrised that bear!"

Billy: "I had to.. it ate my goddamn Picnic basket!!"

2. Guy: "I totally Chuck norrised that girls vag last night"

Guy's Friend: "Ive noticed by the way shes walking with crutchs"
by Junkie2115 March 04, 2010
the act of getting round house kicked in the face while writing thing about chuck norris
chuck norrised
by ...kirbi... June 02, 2010
To simultaneously kill someone or something in every single way possible.
Wow, did you see that guy mashed up in a blender? It looked like he was Chuck Norrised.
by Dr. Dimples December 05, 2011

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