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A sockrifice occurs when a person runs out of toilet paper and is forced to use a spare sock to wipe one's bum.
Dude, we ran out of teeps yesterday and this morning I had to peform a sockrifice.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
Leaving a sock behind after a bad hook-up because it's more important to get out in a hurry than to keep searching for the other sock.
She said he was horrible and she left without bothering to find both of her socks afterward. They were a new pair, but it was worth the sockrifice.
by derby mined March 11, 2011
To sacrifice one (or both) of one's socks in order to wipe with when camping.
I can't believe I forgot TP! Now I have to sockrifice.
by mtnmayhem April 14, 2009
When you lose a sock while doing the laundry, whether that means it falls behind the machine or you cannot find one sock's mate.
*when folding laundry and have an odd number of socks* "Good thing I bought the 12-pack of athletic socks from Costco, it looks like I just sockrificed another one!"
by unmoutonsvp7 April 28, 2014
When you lose a sock in the washer or dryer, implying (in a joking manner) that there's some sort of supernatural agency to the phenomenon of losing socks.
The washer ate my favorite striped knee sock! I guess the laundry gods needed their monthly sockrifice.
by archaesmd October 25, 2011
When a member of a friend group uses their sock to clean up a spilled substance or for any other use a sock can be used for. The important part is that someone gives up a sock. It is sometimes used to counter act a party foul.
Jared spilled his beer on the counter, therefore he made a Sockrifice so to avoid having to perform the party foul ritual of the night.
by Jedi_sir December 06, 2013
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