38 definitions by Teratogen

My girlfriend was out of town, so I had soup for one.
by Teratogen April 10, 2011
lemon chicken
We went to lunch in Chinatown DC and ordered chernobyl chicken.
by Teratogen March 23, 2011
hacker term for mushroom and pepperoni pizza (ansi stands for American National Standards Institute.)
It's 2 AM. Looks like we are going to be coding all night. Let's order an ansi standard pizza and a six pack of Coke!
by Teratogen November 21, 2010
The fat found on a fat human being.
Harvey had gained a lot of weight. Maybe he thinks it is famine padding for an upcoming food shortage?
by Teratogen September 29, 2013
The idea that God created the Universe but then Evolution took over and developed the Universe.
I don't believe in Creationism or Evolution by themselves. I believe in CREATOLUTION
by Teratogen February 06, 2013
Something that causes a man to lose his erection.
I was just about to have sex with this chick when I pulled off her panties and I saw blue waffles! What a willy drooper!
by Teratogen May 25, 2012
I need to go pick up my kid from germcare.
by Teratogen May 07, 2012

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