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38 definitions by Teratogen

Passed out from alcohol or drugs.
I drank too much last night and then I took a xanx. I was comatoasted!
by Teratogen May 03, 2011
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The fat found on a fat human being.
Harvey had gained a lot of weight. Maybe he thinks it is famine padding for an upcoming food shortage?
by Teratogen September 29, 2013
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When hail falls on a car dealership, all the new and used cars get dinged up by the hail. They are then put on sale for a reduced price. Hence the term, "hail sale".
After that mega-thunderstorm moved through, the local dealership had a hail sale.
by Teratogen August 22, 2013
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diarrhea, especially from eating food or drinking water in Mexico.
I ate tacos in Nogales, Mexico. Later on I got the Toltec Trots.
by Teratogen August 03, 2013
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to eat
I went to the buffet downtown so I could stuff face.
by Teratogen February 19, 2012
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My girlfriend was out of town, so I had soup for one.
by Teratogen April 10, 2011
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genital warts
I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend the other week and now I have nut warts!
by Teratogen December 08, 2010
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