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To get busted
Like " That niggaz Tory just got knocked last week"
by D May 01, 2004
Getting caught using or selling drugs. Used mostly to describe drug dealers. Usually they have to stop selling because of it.
Is Karen on tonight?
I heard she got knocked last week, so probably not.
by NatureLover111 October 11, 2006
To be sleeping heavily or just normaly, but generaly heavily.
Damn, last night after i F****d that B*** I knocked on her couch.

I woke up this morning to a naked guy knockin' on my kitchen counter.

Last night I drank so much I knocked on the merry-go-round.
by E.C.Tonyes May 25, 2013
For a whore in one stable to be recruited into a stable of another competing pimp.

circa: Late 1950's.
San Francisco, Ca.
"Gina got knocked by Ludlow Slim"
by Bing Ban August 26, 2004
When you have been ripped off on something, or have not recieved the full amount of something
"You owe me some weed, you well knocked me last time"
by Tom1233435435437383728 December 09, 2008
past tense of "to knock"

which is:

to have sex with
"I heard they knocked last night."

"Why did yall leave? Yall knocked, didn't yall?"
by Najaya August 20, 2007
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