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When you are blacked out drunk asleep and you get up, still asleep, and pee all over everything but the urinal.
My boyfriend sleep peed all over my bed!
by Teratogen August 15, 2010
Living together outside of marriage.
We are not married, but we are in bedlock.
by Teratogen June 15, 2009
large, luscious breasts
She took off her bra and showed me her magnificent pontoons of love!
by Teratogen June 25, 2011
When a woman gets pregnant and it turns out to be twins (or n-tuplets) instead of a single baby.
I just got back from my ob-gyn and she says I have triplets! I have been trolled by my ovaries!
by Teratogen October 30, 2010
A powerful storm of the midwestern United States comparable to a hurricane.
The chiclone snapped trees and power poles all over Chicagoland.
by Teratogen October 26, 2010
Today's trash dumps, when geologically buried
and subjected to tremendous forces of heat and pressure,
will become the high grade metallo-organic ores of the far future.
Zog: We just discovered a new trashanium deposit.
Morph: Great, a new source of aluminum and hydrocarbons!
by Teratogen September 15, 2010
Polynesian for "heave ho", from the book Kon-Tiki, by Thor Heyerdahl.
Ke ke te huru huru!
by Teratogen August 08, 2010

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