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38 definitions by Teratogen

A lock that locks up a liquor cabinet in a house so the kids/teens can't get to the liquor.
The kids had a big house party while we were away for the weekend and they got into the liquor. We need a liquor lock!
by Teratogen February 03, 2012
Tying up your girlfriend to a tree with her hands behind her (so her breasts are facing away from the tree) and then whacking her breasts with thin twiggy birch branches. Very kinky.
My girlfriend and I went for a walk in the forest today and I gave her a good breast birching!
by Teratogen August 20, 2011
Responding slowly, "going through the motions", to rescucitating a person with severe dementia or a terminal disease goes into cardiac arrest.
The homeless person with severe dementia went into cardiac arrest. The doctor slow coded him.
by Teratogen July 04, 2011
The giggles.
Sharon is watching a sitcon. It is giving her the laffyhahas.
by Teratogen June 25, 2011
lemon chicken
We went to lunch in Chinatown DC and ordered chernobyl chicken.
by Teratogen March 23, 2011
the vagina
I just heard my girlfriend refer to her vagina as a jelly trout!
by Teratogen December 03, 2010
Today's trash dumps, when geologically buried
and subjected to tremendous forces of heat and pressure,
will become the high grade metallo-organic ores of the far future.
Zog: We just discovered a new trashanium deposit.
Morph: Great, a new source of aluminum and hydrocarbons!
by Teratogen September 15, 2010