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You get the giggles when you are too fucked up to distinguish the difference between absolutely hillarious and completely normal. This regularly occurs when under the influence of marijuana.
Person #1: "Dude.. I dropped the remote last night and you laughed for like 10 minutes. You had a mad case of the giggles." 

Person #2: "I was so fucked up."
by Miss Crunk October 09, 2010
a word used in place of saying "it was awesome" or "it made me laugh"
And then we ran through a field ass naked. Shit was the giggles.
by Lawlhawk May 27, 2010
HHEHHHHAEHEHHAHHEHEAAA i am going to SHOVE A BANANA UP UR ASS.....milk milk lemonade round the corner FUDGE IS MADE!!
a little too much sugar makes u do this^
by steve linnard July 15, 2004