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sensually appealing
Goddamn, she has a luscious ass!
by King Shit January 18, 2003
To either sound, smell, or look good.
The luscious sound of rock.
Perfume is a luscious smell.
She is just soooo luscious.
by dref said right June 10, 2004
Sexually Appealing
Damn, she has some luscious hair!
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
1. deliciously full; bountiful
2. sexually appealing because of plumpness
Those are some luscious grapes you have there.

I'm sorry I drooled on you, but that girl's behind was just so luscious...
by purple apple November 06, 2005
that quality in a person/object that makes one long for that certain person/object
mmmmm...that blanket looks so luscious
that burger would be luscious in my belly
her body is so luscious
by kay nadolski May 30, 2008
1. Something of good quality

2.Something that you want to have

3.Something of sexual appeal
1.That pizza is so luscious
2.That pizza is so luscious
3.That pizza is so luscious
by The_person_behind_you April 18, 2015
A Nickname for a bestie, that is ab-sol-utely Luscious in all ways known to man... Hot, friendly, sweet, empathetic, sympathetic, good value and fun!
She is sooooo Luscious, I just want to dunk her in my coffee
by Phat Nat March 21, 2008
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