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355 definitions by TIm

The best band in the world. They may as well just eat your soul.
Fear Before the March of Flames is about to go to your hometown...and eat your fucking soul.
by Tim September 04, 2004
someone who cares and is there... who just doesn't say they do and not mean it, somone you can call and talk to when your having a really bad time and you can trust with anything .. who won't turn aorund and stab you in the back ...
A good friend will bail you out of jail, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying that was fucking awesome.
by tim May 16, 2004
when you jizz on a chick's hand and she slaps herself in the face with it. analogy comes from the basketball play of the same name. see also: cumshot, cum shot
your mom jerked me off last night and when i busted all over her hand she alley-ooped that shit like steve nash to amare stoudamire! TWO POINTS BIATCH!
by Tim April 09, 2005
Gaelic for "to your health" or "cheers."
Sláinte! (Everybody toasting with Beamish)
by Tim March 17, 2004
People from Liverpool. Like everyone else expect with an exaggerated accent. Yes like you, or in fact me. Some are "scum" but then again I imagine everywhere in the country has twats living there. So all you pricks from manchester, get a job and stop bitching about a place you can't afford to get to because you support several kids, have a drink problem and scav off the dole :)
i saw a scouser today, la
by Tim December 04, 2004
To trip on acid or shrooms extremely hard.
I knew I was frying balls when the 3D shapes in the TV screen static multiplied and unfolded out of the TV.
by Tim March 13, 2003
I often tell my friends there are only two good rappists (sic). "Who, Vanilla Ice and Eminem?" "No, Weird Al and The Streets." There's just something uniquely amazing and beautiful about rapping in proper English.
"Cuttin' the finest cuts of chicken from the big spinning stick"

"Oh the pizza's here, could someone let him in please?
We didn't order chicken.
Not a problem we'll pick it out.
I doubt he meant to mess us about.
After all, we're all men here, not louts."
by Tim May 10, 2004