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it means 'good' and originated from the 'piccadilly palare', slang used in the gay london of the 60s
morrissey has an album called 'bona drag' meaning good clothes. in the song 'piccadilly palare' he says 'so bona to vada' which means 'so good to look at/see'
by Andreaaaaaaa September 01, 2006
In modern roman accent means something good (for feminive names) or hot girl.
Bona is the roman version for the standard italian "buona".
Roman guy sees hot chick passing by: "A' bona!" (Hey hottie!)
Hot chich: "Ma vattene affanculo va!" (Go fuck urself u prick!)
by duncan79 December 14, 2009
very sexxy, hot body, And gives the best boners in the world!!
dam bona just gave me a boner!!!
Hey do you know bona??? "Oh that super hot chic"
by twoguys December 02, 2009
the best last name, PERIOD
Matt Bona is the coolest!
by matt bona April 14, 2003
in punjabi an annoying ass midget.
Im going to throw that gayass motherfucker bona Shan in a dumpster.
by fresh off the boat aka F.O.B March 22, 2007
Good. 1960s gayspeak.
See example under "varda".
by Cocker Knee October 21, 2004
when a guy gets horny he gets a bona
when the guy was reading a porno mag,he got a bona
by kazza February 28, 2004
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