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A girl too cute, too perfect, too unique, and petite. She's a definate good choice in being with. She's a beauty inside and out without a doubt.
If I was with that vicky I'd be livin life.
by Calacatt May 06, 2009
a nickname for a beautiful girl who has just about everything
Girl 1: I wish I was Vicky...

Girl 3: Don't we all?
by DenJ Mac January 05, 2012
hhoooootttttttt girlllllll!!!!!!! NICEASS and the tits are small now, but dont you worry, theyll grow sooon. one of the funniest girls ull ever meet, making people laugh comes naturally to herr. usually has reddish blonde or brown hairr. careful not to get on this chick's bad side, because she's capable of unleashing the inner bitch withinn. other than that shes loud and outgoing and knows how to party hard
"dude call vicky, im so bored. she'll know whats going on tonight and give us somethin fun to do"
by laxb1296 January 10, 2010
A Vicky is a person of great intelligence. They are compassionate in everything they do. They have the ability to bring many positive things to a relationship. They enjoy Politics, Wine, Fine Food, Swimming, Travel, Padres, Beaches, Academic Discourse, Steam Rooms, Romance Languages, Van Gogh, Chanel, Live Music, Pearls, Scrabble, Paris, and Golf; among many other life empowering things. A Vicky is so sweet you will fall in love with one at first sight and even more so as they tangle your mind with so many positive adventures. Although only 4’11” a Vicky is a giant that inspires and challenge those closest to them to become wonderful. A Vicky is not perfect, but one is well worth investing your heart and soul into. The only down fall to a Vicky is that they tend to stay in relationships longer than they should. They put up with things that are not healthy. A strong woman of mind yet week with the heart. A Vicky always wears their heart on their sleeve. One needs to take a break and focus on self development before reinvesting into another relationship. To sum up a Vicky the balance is more positive than negative. If you ever have the chance to meet a Vicky don’t hesitate. Eventually Vicky will figure it out and make a huge difference in the world. Love a Vicky today!
Vicky is a 4'11" firecracker ready to soar through the sky and expand bringing happiness to a large audience. Meaning the world!
by lost native April 08, 2010
Strong of spirit, Vicky is that rare individual whose charisma draws the attention of even the most hardened individual. She is a woman who holds the light of the heavens in her eyes and the soul of the sea in her kisses for they sweep you away to places that sailors pine for as they nurse their rum on a cold lonely night.

Vicky is mother and child. For one moment her face glows while holding her precious ones and then the next it displays it's fear in thinking that she is not precious herself.

Vicky will feel compassion for a stranger in need but not notice when she leads ones soul to bleed. She will believe when it fits her picture and deny that which may alter her reality. She luvs to easily but refuses to be loved.

Vicky is an enigma.
Penultimate: I think I met my Vicky and she doesn't even know I'm alive.
by yordkns February 04, 2010
A girl too perfect to describe.Cute and caring. One of the nicest people you'll meet.Always genuine and will try and help out if you're in need.She's beautiful, lovely body and lovely personality. Loves to party and have fun, and can always make you smile. You'll fall in love as soon as you meet her, but be careful because if you break her heart, she'll find it hard to forgive you.

A Vicky can be an amazing friend, she gets a long with nearly everyone; prefers guys to girls, but she'll be friends with anyone as long as they are nice to her.
Very sexual and flirty,will talk to a lot of guys but is very faithful if she's in a relationship.
She's wild, loud and outgoing but can sometimes be shy and quiet when she doesn't know what to say. Gets hurt easily because she trusts people too easily.
Tanned, Sassy, Cute, Long-ish hair, nice legs bum and boobs,beautiful eyes; she'll never admit she's gorgeous
She's perfect even with all her imperfections.
Trustworthy, dependable , convincing and credible.

You'll be lucky if you meet her, she's an angel from heaven and will light up your life in seconds.
A girl so amazing and incredible you'll be sorry if you let her go, so don't.

A great girl for a cute and easy-going relationship.
person1 "Dude who's that chick"
person2 "It's Vicky, we've been friends for time, I really trust her"
person1 "I think I'm in love...."

Person1 " Hey you with Vicky?"
Person2 "Yeah dude, she's the perfect girlfriend, our relationship is so easy"
by TheLadBible May 06, 2013
Secret version of Vixen; secret name for a hot chick when your wife or her friends are around but you still want to alert the other husbands/boyfriends. Very important to wait until "Vicky" is in a crowd so no wife/girlfriend becomes suspicious.
Husband 1: Hey, is that Vicky waiting for the bus?

Husband 2: I'm not sure we should cross the street to find out.

by Jim Thornton April 12, 2008
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