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An online game created by the Coca Cola industry. The concept is simple: you create songs in your cheap shack using about 3 dozen sound loops, find some room that actually lets you in, stand in line for over half an hour, play the song, and get all thumbs down for not putting the 3 rock guitar sounds anywhere in your unique song. The game is populated with hackers, Internet skanks, racists, grown men who pretend to be "teh hot chikz", and little kids that think they're cool by dressing in all black, calling themselves "SatansGothKid666," and having cyber in the extra rooms. The game also has a few mini games, for example giving your own subtitile to a picture, but the language filters on that is insane. You cannot say the word "Japanese" because it has "Jap" in it. You cannot say any word that has the three letters "A-s-s" (for obvious reasons), you can't even type the words in 1337, and even if there are two words that happen to spell out a curse word ("puSH IT out of the way," for example) you can't say it. Also, all the "girls" in just about every room are extremely "horny" and want your "hot body", even though there are only 2 face designs and a handful of body designs (i.e. everyone looks about the same). The game was made popular by Deluxe247 (or whatever his name is), a character on too many movie previews; a very white kid who's acting extremely black. The game is a major waste of time
Oh Lord, why, Oh why did I waste my entire winter vacation on that evil spawn of an evil corporation known as Coca-Cola! Well, at least there isn't a McDonald's Music....
by Ben L. June 07, 2004
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A retarded internet game in which 10-12 year olds play. It involves the kids who go online make their own character and collect "Decibels," which is online money used to buy stuff. With this "stuff" they buy using Decibels they build their own "apartment." They spend time in this wierd old apartment mixing music and designing new Coke materials to advertise - I mean put - in their room. These kids do often try to be funny, and then all the others in the room go "lolz." They often use "1337" talk, meanwhile they have NO clue how to talk 1337 at all. Here's a tip for all the people who go online; get a real life, and don't make one in a fake apartment collecting Decibels and asking Russian waiters to give you a coke.
Actual footage from Coke Music: "OMG u r teh funyn 1 but i am teh moor 1337 h4cer." -Anonymous.
by MehRo July 01, 2004
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A magnet for horny 10 year olds seeking 18 year olds who turn out to be pedofiles. This shit is so gay you can't even say "as santa." WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT!
Random-10-year-old-hornbag: Hey baby i'm 18 years old and have a huge blah.
Your-friendly-neighbourhood-pedofile: Oh sexy what's your address?
by RP July 07, 2004
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Virtual chatroom similiar to habbo hotel that doesn't cost real money to buy fake furniture and has a lame music mixer.
Enter those codes from under the coke bottle caps on cokemusic to get Decibles to buy furniture.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
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A website similar to habbo hotel where you can chat with others around the globe. You have a pixel which you can dress. Then you get a studio where you can have parties, games, ect. Now is known as but still the same. You play games and do surveys, then you get decibals. With your decibals, you can spend it on virtual furniture for your room.
Call me later when you go on cokemusic because I want to start a party in my studio.
by Lizzy xD July 30, 2005
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A chat room that would be a whole lot better if people didnt think it was their real life
people getting married having kids and pets

get a life
by ERIC_FOREMAN March 26, 2004
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A game that people go on to talk with their REAL LIFE friends or bash the idiots on their with people from their forums or website. That's the only fun part.

If you go coke looking to cyber, die.
Average Coke Users.

Number 1 - ogm lok lolololz u got my cc.
Number 2 - Yo yo im da tru p.i.m.p. Reppin da G unit!! I'll bus ta cap in yo ass.
Number 3 - Oh I'm really 10 but I'm going t pretend I'm 16. CYBR WIT ME BOIS!!!
Number 4 - I'm am the servant of <insert hellish name here> MWHHAHAHAH. I also like to drink Blood.

Everyone else are pretty much the bashers that get bant for actually trying to salvage the piece of crap they call a game. We rock.

GTAF > Coke Music. We own that place. :p
by CTT January 29, 2005
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