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Lead singer of the 1970's-1990's goth rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. Created her own individuality through her provocative dress style and exaggerated eye makeup, yet is a role model for many people. She now lives with her husband and former SATB drummer, Budgie, in France.
I was Siouxsie Sioux for Halloween.
by stray November 17, 2004
1) A parasite that enters the human digestive system and grows and thrives off what the human host consumes, causing severe weight loss or other digestive problems. See parasitism
1) My brother's girlfriend's uncle's lover went to New Guinea and came back 50 pounds thinner and with severe anal pain. We later found out, 34 months after he died, that he had been holding a tapeworm inside of him.
by Stray December 06, 2003
1) hell; a lethal overdose of hell or and phantasmagoric element.

2)something one should be doing instead of surfing the net
1)Studying for that test was fuckin science fair!

2)Ana, you should be working on your science fair!!
by stray November 22, 2003
A deragatory term for a jewish person. especially one with a nose that looks like a fish hook. See also jew or kike.
Damn look at that hook noses' snoz!
by stray May 06, 2004
The very essence of sex, an amazing songwriter, singer and musician all in one. He is the lead singer/songwriter for rock band The Strokes, and is incredibly talented and sophisticated. He is also the most gorgeous man in rock today. He knows how to dress, he's got class and god dammit one look at those juicy lips, sultry eyes and sexy ass and you're hooked forever. He's so apathetic but he expresses so much radiant emotion by just existing. The kind of guy you would want to walk in on while he's jackin off then do dirty shit to!
Julian Casablancas belongs in my bed. His sophistication and class drive me madly insanely in love, and he is too good for the MTV/mainstream audiences. He's too classy to be famous, and still too sexy even when he looks apathetically stoned. We can get drunk and be melancholy together. I LOVE JULIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by stray April 12, 2004
A delicacy, especially on the way back from the pub.
Mweerrr!! I'm pissed man... time for a kebab!
by stray December 09, 2003
When one, particularly a younger person, ends every phrase and sentence as if it were a question. This practice could be derived from the "valley girl" excuse for talking during the nineties, but many people still do it today out of uncontrollable habit.
Teacher: Okay Tommy, it's your turn to present.

Tommy: oKAY(?) I was at the STORE(?) And there was the GUY(?) and like...

Teacher: okay. NEXT.
by stray December 14, 2004
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