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(Or Pube Rock)
A spin-off "genre" of rock music practiced and lead by the soon-to-be-famous-emaciated-circus-bear, Brian K. Music traits usually consist of punk, pop, or hard rock rhythms of cover songs and rarely originals, killer face-melting drum solos, and "Peter Brady" style vocals. Adopted by any aspiring pubertal 12 year old with a passion for music and with impressive talent, minus the singing...

12 year old+drums+cd burner+camp+14 year old groupies=PUBERTY ROCK

kid 1: is that him playing drums?
kid 2: yeah
kid 1: and guitar?
kid 2: yeah
kid 1: wow...he sucks
kid 2: thats just his voice, the music is good though..
by stray September 15, 2004
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