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The goth, that thing that lies at the opposite end of the spectrum of society to the chav.
A goth will walk alone where a chav will hide inside his herd and though the goth may take a beating at least that goth was never a coward.
A goth will insult only those who have earnt it whereas a chav will insult people for things as shallow as the clothes they are wearing.
A goths insult will be witty and cutting, a chavs insult more often than not will consist of the chav making a repulsive noise.
A goth will enrich their mind, a chav will watch soaps.
In the morning, a goth will ask themselves “what do I want to wear?” whilst a chav will ask themselves “what in this selection of clothes is the most acceptable thing to wear?”
A goth will have a friend because they are good for someone, a chav will have a friend because that someone is good for them.
A goth approaches new situations with a willingness to think and find the best way forward, a chav will react with aggression to that which it does not already know.
A goth will listen to music that is meaningful to their life and thought provoking, a chav will listen to music which will tell him how to behave.

Goths have no interest in popularity whatsoever. They think outside the box. People aspire to be popular and dress in certain ways that are ‘in’ with everyone else simply because it has never occurred to them how pointless societies values really are. In truth, there was never any point to any one of us being born. We’re doomed to struggle onwards in our skins, attached to life only by mechanisms put in our minds by evolution never to find any relief and never to find any meaning. We’re just all stuck with it now, together (and yuk to the simply stunning amount of ignorance I have to put up with). Conformity assumes that what another has thought of is better than what you can think of on your own but why is one mind better than another? (the conformist who argues that their own opinion is truth is a hipocrite, a really ridiculous laughable hipocrite) Its not is the truth. I am a goth and I aspire to value my own intuitions as much as I would value anyone elses (as much, not more you fools!) therefore I don’t care if you don’t like me because I DO.

I look strikingly different to everybody else, you chavwits think I am attention seeking when in fact I look different because of my total lack of interest in you lot, you lot and that vile sort of dress code that is ‘the norm’. Its not that I want you to notice me, its just that I haven’t bothered to noticed you!

I do as I please! But then again, so say the chavs.
The difference in effect is that I have a brain.
I realise that randomness of behaviour (as in anarchy) is a force of pure destruction without the input of thought. I know what I want for myself, plenty of cash, love, freedom, peace and I know that that’s pretty much what everybody else wants too. Therefore, I treat others as I wish to be treated myself. I would never stand in the way of anothers achievement because if I did how would I deserve to achieve anything of my own? Goths, in my experience (others as well as myself) are thoughtful, intelligent, hard working, kind, honest, well mannered. I have an education and I like when it shows!
As a goth, all you various ‘rude’ forms of life make me sick. Goth is what the individuals do- and as for the idea of the wannabe goth these either revert to conformity or evolve.(I mean slipknot/korn fans, as for manson fans I think those who say he isn’t gothic just don’t know enough about him- sure listening to manson WILL NOT make you gothic, but give that poor dark philisophical soul some credit! He’s certainly not gonna un-goth you!) Wannabes are a transitional category but if they are to be acknowledged at all, they are not goths.
Goths make the greatest friends. Goths have the unusual ideas. Goths just don’t suffer from the same afflictions of ‘normality’ as you self-mirroring lot- change for once. down with mediocrity.
try the question why are we here? it might get you thinking
try focusing on the meaning of things rather than your pre-held assumptions about everything
by Stray April 03, 2005
The Libertines are a British band who love British culture, drugs, alcohol, sex, and rock and roll. Considered by some to be "the only current band that actually acts like a real rock and roll band" due to their infamously scandalous history.

The members are Pete Doherty (notorious adorable crackhead sleazegod) on guitar/vocals, Carl Barat (seedy yet respectable sex idol with the best hair and arse) on guitar/vocals, John Hassall (more quiet member, favored by Adam Green, with famous cheekbones) on bass, and Gary Powell (Sadly sometimes ignored yet absolutely amazing) on drums. The media however, LOVES focusing on the troubles and love-hate relationship of Pete and Carl, thus the other 2 members are hardly seen.
The Libertines' music is reminiscent of The Clash, The Jam, and even some reggae. One album was produced by Mick Jones of The Clash. Their songs are deep, dancy, melodic, and of course, oh so sassy. Go do yourself a favor and listen to these beautiful British lads.
by stray April 13, 2005
A band that originated in Texas from post-punk At the Drive In, (also a great band), and decided to reform to develop numerous concept albums. The first, being De-Loused in the Comatorium (the story of a past band member Julio Venegas who commited suicide), is a masterpiece, blending Latin roots (some members are hispanic), trademark post-punk rock riffs, jazzy interludes, progressive and experimental synthesization and much more to create a deep, emotion-filled record. Their recent release, Frances the Mute, is just as legendary, yet focuses more on the song length and digital paraphernalia rather than conventional song-structure. And for the Mars Volta, this is definetely a good thing.
The Mars Volta are indeed a special group of musicians. Their cd booklets are strewn with philosophical and aesthetically stimulating images and words, fueling their contemplative sound. They cross many boundaries and break the barrier between conformity and musical subconsciousness. They are madly orginal and insanely creative.
by stray March 05, 2005
"The Capitol of Silicon Valley". About half the people who live there have their family name registered as a domain.
My name's daniel wall, but some random guy called larry wall stole my domain. Lame!
by Stray December 09, 2003
Singer/Songwriter of British band The Libertines. He is a fabulous musician, and his interviews are usually quite insightful. He is intelligent. And fucking hott. Is said by many LJ-Junkies to be a raging homosexual with his former bandmate Pete Doherty whom he has had an intense love-hate relationship with, but nonetheless, Carl is a sex god who had decided to move on in his career.
Yeah, The Libs broke up. I hope I'm not the only one who hopes that Pete and Carl will make up someday. In the meantime, Carl, who has the most beautiful ass I have ever seen, signed with another label and is supposedly forming another band..hmmm
by stray April 13, 2005
A rock band fronted by Siouxsie Sioux that originated in London at the time of the Sex Pistols, The Slits, The Clash, and many other Brit punk scene bands. Siouxsie had her own unique style, mixing Ancient Egyptian eye makeup and occult and provocative dressing preferences. They originated their own specific style, usually surrounding mystery and horror, but it can be on the light side too. They have been around for more than 20 years and released numerous albums but broke up a few years ago.
The (in)famous Sid Vicious played drums for Siouxsie and the Banshees at their first gig.
by stray November 17, 2004
The lead singer of the bay area punk band, The Dead Kennedys, who's material included some of the most groundbreaking and intelligent music I have ever heard. This is because of Jello Biafra. That man is politically and intellectually informed. And funny while at it. Although the Dead Kennedys were during the Reagan era, his views still speak strong today, and today he works actively for change. Go research the guy, he OWNS YOU.
Jello Biafra for president...2012!!!!!!
(So I can vote for him then :)
by stray November 17, 2004
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