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Possessing drugs for available for sale.
"I'm 'holding' if you wanna give me a call sometime."
by Diego July 18, 2003
To have drugs to sell
Buyer - Yo, You Holding?
Seller - Yea, everything but crack, heroin and your cock.
#drugs #holding #weed #crack #heroine
by Sergio Galindo March 25, 2007
Having drugs to sell
Yea im holdin' also see holdin
by hustler August 04, 2003
Having a large amount of money (in the bank, in stocks, real estate, etc.)
"I'm High Price, better have all the hot pair of nikes, better buy me anything I like cuz i'm already holding. I got money..."
- lyrics,
Ciara "High Price"
#ciara #money #stacks #guap #cash #rich #high price #cake
by ldt8807 June 16, 2008
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