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One of the sexiest guys in music. The voice, the face, the clothes, the hair..the drinking & smoking!! There is nothing hotter.
by Yassa October 08, 2003
Vocalist for The Strokes, a band which for our time is phenomenal. Highly cool and unconventially attractive, his real magnestism lies in the droll way he carries himself and holds the mike. Son of John Casablancas (head of Elite modelling agency) and one-time Miss. Denmark. Rebelled against the establishment while in a Manhattan prep school.
I adore Julian Casablancas.
by Idon'thaveaname November 20, 2003
vocalist for the strokes. he is cooler than you are, sexier than you are, filthier than you are and is a better singer than you are. face it, he is a rock god.
julian casablancas is beyond sexy.
by n.s. January 04, 2004
the lead singer of the strokes, julian casablancas (aka jules) also writes all of the strokes music and lyrics. some of his musical inspiration comes from the cure, the doors, and especially the velvet underground. he is half spanish, half danish, his middle name is fernando, and he hates pringles. he often kisses his bandmates, and air (dry) humps the strokes drummer, fabrizio moretti. he has a drinking problem, and is very very beautiful, and often stoned. very witty, intelligent, and funny. he is my soulmate.
julian casablancas is the hottest guy in the entire world.
by joey April 08, 2004
Man with a voice who can lure you in very easily (sounds like young Lou Reed). His lyrics are original and intriguing. He's got the right attitude for where he is now, and when it comes to interviews, the boy's got wit. The man is sex.
The room is on fire as Julian Casablancas walks in.
by Jo May 07, 2004
The extremely talented, extremely hott singer of one of the best bands out there, the strokes. Jules is half spanish and half danish, and has the most gorgeous eyes in the world. He's a great live performer; with his raspy vocals and increadable stage-ora. Julian is by far one of the sexiest perfomers of there, if not the most.
Julian Casablancas is my lover. Yeah, you heard me. Back off!
by Marissa January 03, 2004
The twenty-something lead singer of alt. rock band The Strokes. Similtaneously hot and beautiful, passionate and apathathtic, Julian is a symbol of a generation of hipsters and people who know good music.
Man, that vintage shirt is sooo Julian Casablancas on you.
by OverThinking March 20, 2004
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