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A word with too many goddamn definitions.
She's presently present, so I'll present my present.

Translation: She's now here, so I'll give my gift.
by Shiny Things Are Shiny February 19, 2013
Cocaine (UK slang)
Mate, I'm popping down to the gift shop to pick up some presents for Dave's birthday party.
by David Cameron's Little Finger April 18, 2015
unreciprocated oral sex (not reciprocated with sex either).
Raymond gives all the girls presents
by jon cheeks May 26, 2005
both a noun and an verb.
verb: a code name used as a substitue for toking up, smoking out, hitting the bong, etc.

noun: Also used as a substitute for the words pot, marijuana, mary jane, hashish, cannibus, weed, dope, etc.
Are you guys going to be having presents at dinner tonight?

There's going to be hella presents tonight.
by Almost Audible June 29, 2003
1. A heightened state of mind in which all of life is clarified.

2. Tripping on acid
Dude, I just took 3 hits of acid and I am so present right now.
by chasepatrick April 04, 2011
A unusually large dick.
Ashley: "Damn, Ben's got a HUGE present!!!!"
Melissa: "Shuttup with your dirty mind!!"
Cyndi; "FOUL!"
by PresentLover91190 December 21, 2009
A women that is a hard catch. Christmas only cums once a year, so why not on a good present. But you have to work the wrapping all year until that day of "christmas", when it is soft enough to penetrate the present.
"He's got a chistmas present"

"lucky bastered"
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004

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