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A noise made when displeased, also a brand of cake.
"Grumble, you ate my Grumble Cake."
by Steph March 30, 2004
one who resembles a donkey's foot
jessica was stepped on by a donkey and had an imprint of a hoof in her face. stephanie came by and said,'you look like a fonkey.'
by steph April 28, 2003
being funny to both boys AND girls!
The word of the day is....bilarious, def. being funny to both boys AND girls! HAAAAAAAA!!!
by steph November 17, 2003
To be confused

To take a bump of ketmaine
"You're such a biff"

"Just a little biff for me, thanks".
by Steph September 14, 2003
1) someone who is always there nevere gives up on u wont let u down and leave u when u need them most
2)someone is prolly gunna take this off but i dont care i am and i think a true friend whenmy friend was down and hurt herself i was there to stop her when her bf hurt her and slapped her around i was the one to kick his ass when noone cared about her anymore because she was a trouble maker and didnt know how to get her self outta trouble i got her out now she is trying to make herself skinny and i am here noone else its me so unless u care for someonelike that ur not a friend ur a poser
never let ur fiends down
by steph April 02, 2005
Mother Seton Regional High School.
Msr is a short way to say "Mother Seton Regional"

Its also an easier way to save 7 seconds of your life.
"Hey, do you go to msr?"
by Steph October 29, 2004
people who piss in their pants
Beth is a gawhogawits
by Steph January 08, 2004

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