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a coice street punk band
oxymoron is a combination of oi and punk, hence the name
by steph January 02, 2004
(verb) to cock block or prevent a guy from intimately engaging with a girl.
1) Dude, that guy totally chipped me and wouldn't leave me and Steph alone for the whole night.
2) She's a notroious chipper and doesn't let her friend go home with anyone.
by steph April 12, 2005
To be baffled whilst under the influence of ketamine
"I'm biffing hard"
by Steph September 14, 2003
Whoosh is the term to describe an enthusiastic swishing sound, often used when one is talking about something totally unbelievable that perhaps may have zoomed past unbelievably fast, both in a literal or figurative sense.
"So, like, there was this thing, and it was so fast, man, it was like WHOOSH and then bam! It was gone!"


"I dunno, man, I'm totally out of it today. I mean, today somebody was talking to me and everything they said just kept whooshing past me, y'know? Just like whoosh, and stuff."
by Steph May 25, 2004
Home and away is the best soap ever. I never miss a episode, even missing 1 minute of it is a crime!
It's 6 o'clock. ya know what that means? Home and away time! Yey! :)
by Steph February 18, 2005
The bong that "consumes" you when you smoke out of it
i was consumed by the purple people eater, alexis and i smoked together the first time ever outta it..and look where we are now :-)
by Steph January 23, 2005
one who goes by many names and eats cow meats.
jessica and brian were eating steak when stephanie walked by and yelled, 'poohead and guh guh are cucomongos!
by steph April 28, 2003

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