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someone who rocks out
man, you're one cool rucker
by steph March 23, 2005
The best high school you'll ever go to.
I'm gonna sneak out to Grill after I hook up with the PG at EP and hope the fac-brats dont see us and that the townies aren't still out.

Dude that girl is a total swampdoggy puckslut.
by Steph March 08, 2005
- 'Jesus' refers to christ the saviour
- 'shamoly' is an excellent word
- 'holy' links to 'Jesus'
- 'kebabs' is the meaty treat which is likey to give you food poisoning available form your local kebab shop
person 1: ''look, there is a pair of homosexual german men wearing skin-tight lycra catsuits'''

by steph December 20, 2004
to be drunk
Dude, my mom was totally smashed last night.
by steph March 25, 2004
A party for players, onl the true players are welcome
"When the player's ball is happenin, all day every day" -- OutKast
by Steph January 02, 2005
Bertainly is another word for "blatantly" meaning obviously.
Girl: Yo' is buff, yah!
Boy: Bertainly.
by Steph August 24, 2004
1. Anything relating to something that is cool...awesome...or hip...

(yeah baby)use it every day.
ex)Oh my gosh! How freakieny!-She is freakieny...-
by Steph April 13, 2004

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