83 definitions by Steph

1.Saying no to certain things.
2.Gene Simmons
1. Person 1: You want some H?
Person2: Just say no, Just SAY NO! JUST FUCKIN SAY NO!

2. Person 1: Dude, just say no.
Person 2: Heh. Gene Simmons is off da heezay!
by Steph September 25, 2004
Exclamation of indignation.
Chuff! I do not have split ends.
by Steph March 29, 2004
Something you insert in a hole, like a tampon.
Got a saddam stuck in my veezy.
by steph December 23, 2003
the best emo reject on live journal with hot emo sexxx!
"damn that all emo rejects sure is good!"
by Steph August 09, 2004
originated as a nickname given by the media to Portuguese Transexual, Nadia, the winner of Big Brother 5 in the UK.
"Did you hear, that Portugeezer Nadia won Big Brother?!"
by Steph August 09, 2004
When Older Oh So Hot. The opposite of a milf.
Yo Matt, your little sister is such a woosh. She's gonna be banging when she gets into high school!
by steph August 08, 2004
ur hole in ur ass, also known as ur anus
Damn Landin! Steph just kicked you in your corn hole !
by steph March 12, 2005
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