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Noun (chiefly American slang): cunnilingus performed until the female experiences orgasm; often meant to include analingus performed simultaneously.
After the prom Stacy demanded a square meal in the back of the limo, and Gary was happy to provide it.
by speedog July 02, 2010
Noun: the theoretical limit of real-time velocity in the known universe, at which point positive time halts, and the mass of any object traveling at that speed become infinite and incapable of any increase in velocity.
"In 1994, Dr. Miguel Alcubierre formulated a hypothetical propulsion system that could, in theory, break the time barrier."
by speedog June 22, 2010
(Surfing term): to maneuver one's surfboard in such a manner as to attempt to pass with safety between the supporting pilings of a pier; either "head on", meaning to pass directly under the entire pier from its oceanside terminus to the beach; or "side on", meaning to pass from one side of the pier to the other at an angle oblique to the shoreline prior to reaching the beach.
"Gary said he was going to try and shoot the pier on his longboard, but we talked him out of it."
by Speedog February 01, 2010
Name: an individual equal in authority, status and capability to ones' self, yet in the employ of a directly rival organization.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Agent Smith from the CIA finally met his opposite number in the KGB.
by speedog June 18, 2010
Verb: to reduce, especially by artificial means, any material object down to to its constituent components at the molecular level.
"With no response after repeated hailing attempts on multiple frequencies, the President issued the order to demolecularize the intruding aircraft."
by speedog May 02, 2010
Noun (athletic slang): a wrestling technique in which an aggressor female thrusts her torso against the torso of her combatant, the object being to upset the balance of the combatant and thereby obtain confrontational advantage.
In the now-famous "Miller Lite Catfight" TV commercial, Tonya Ballinger uses the boob smash against her erstwhile opponent, Kitana Baker, in the cement mixing tray.
by speedog July 09, 2010
Noun: a series of metal rings piercing the underside of the penis, running from just under the head down to near the junction with the scrotum; intended to heighten sensation for both partners during intercourse.
Right after Shawn got the Devil's Ladder he fucked Joyce so hard she couldn't pee without screaming for two days.
by speedog July 27, 2010
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