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54 definitions by Speedog

Verb (nautical terminology): to capsize, as in a boat, ship, or other sea-going vessel.
After a merciless bombardment by American dive bombers, the Japanese superbattleship "Yamato" turned turtle and sank, taking nearly her entire crew to the bottom.
by speedog July 27, 2010
Acronym: Passed Out Drunk
After the party nobody could locate Chuck, but it turned out he was POD in the back of Wendy's van.
by speedog July 02, 2010
Noun (physics terminology): the natural sequential relation between any cause and its subsequent effect in the known universe, in which any effect is invariably preceded by the cause of that effect, and never the reverse.
"Newton's Third Law of Motion is essentially a confirmation of the principle of causality."
by speedog April 30, 2010
Noun (slang term): vodka
Kevin had a hard time in rehab trying to kick the Russian bitch.
by speedog June 18, 2010
Noun (naval terminology): the universally supreme naval rank, awarded historically only to one seaman (Christopher Columbus) jointly by HRM Ferdinand and HRM Isabella of Spain, in recognition of his achievement in successfully navigating the Atlantic Ocean westward and (presumed at the time) the discovery of a shorter, less hazardous, and less expensive trading route to India from Europe.
"Upon his return from his first voyage to America, Christopher Columbus received the rank and title of "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" from Ferdinand and Isabella,
which rank he holds in perpetuity."
by speedog May 01, 2010
Adjective: description of any expression, statement or definition which, although originally intended in earnest, results adversely in humorous disdain.
"Wendy's attempt to explain how her underwear ended up in the frat house rec room was unintentionally hilarious."
by speedog April 28, 2010
American military slang: to commence hostilities against an adversary.
After the enemy squad failed to halt their advance on our position, Lt. Johnson shouted "Let 'em have it", and we had to open fire.
by speedog June 21, 2010