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Noun: an alleged, but unsubstantiated, covert operation of the United States of America; with authorization to investigate the possibility of extraterrestrial alien intrusion onto American territory. Purportedly created by executive directive in 1947.
Although many documents have been circulated referencing "Operation Majestic 12", non have to date been officially verified as authentic.
by speedog June 19, 2010
Noun (naval terminology): the highest speed commandable of a warship under normal (peacetime) conditions, succeeding the terms "normal", "regular" or "standard" speed, and (under wartime conditions) preceded sequentially in velocity by the terms "attack speed", and finally "ramming speed".
"Upon lookout sight of the enemy ships, the consul Quintus Arrius ordered his ships to come to flank speed."
by speedog May 01, 2010
Verb (high fashion slang): To walk barefoot on the ball of one's feet (or foot) with the heel elevated, as though one is wearing heeled shoes, most usually in the event that one or both shoes are lost during a fashion show; the object being to maintain balance and poise as best possible.
'When Karolina Kurkova lost her shoe during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, she had to air-heel it down the runway and back"
by Speedog December 01, 2009
Verb: to voluntarily destroy oneself, and/or any property under ones control, in order to deny any advantage to ones enemy(ies).
"As the Soviet Army surrounded the Stalingrad bunker, Hitler gave the order to Field Marshall von Paulus to self destruct, which he disobeyed."
by speedog May 03, 2010
Noun: an albino male sperm whale known to inhabit the Pacific Ocean near Mocha Island in the early 19th century, credited with sinking several whaling ships which were in pursuit of members of his pod. Considered the inspiration for Herman Melville's novel "Moby-Dick, or The Whale", published in 1851.
As the harpoon boats approached, Mocha Dick played dead, evidently to lure them in closer, until he could counter-attack.
by speedog June 10, 2010
Noun: a manner of military salutation allegedly peculiar to ancient Rome, in which the right arm and hand are extended and elevated in the direction of any superior officer, or in the absence of any such superior, in the geographical direction of Rome itself, accompanied by the Latin phrase "Ave Caesar" ("Hail Caesar").
"Immediately upon taking command of the Antonia fortress, the tribune Messala executed the Roman salute to the former fortress commandant."
by speedog May 01, 2010
Noun (chiefly American slang): cunnilingus performed until the female experiences orgasm; often meant to include analingus performed simultaneously.
After the prom Stacy demanded a square meal in the back of the limo, and Gary was happy to provide it.
by speedog July 02, 2010

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