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The Scots term for a work top, or kitchen surface.
put the "messages" on the bunker an' we'll have a cuppa
by Linz2809 November 28, 2006
1. n. In the game of paintball, an object to hide behind.

2. v. In the game of paintball, the act of catching someone behind their bunker and shooting the shit out of them.
That kid was camping behind his bunker. He camped so long I ran through and bunkered his ass.
by dark-obi-wan March 11, 2006
A comfortable place weed smokers sitout to smoke weed...
Hi dave, Lets head to the Bunker to hit some blunt.
by Ziggy Black April 06, 2015
In the game of paintball for one player to run up to a piece of cover another player is hiding behind and too eliminate him from close range.
OMG Spangleshanks just bunkered the crap out of Shaniqua
by pntbllr March 25, 2008
A miserly person. Also can pronounced as bunkerist.
Joe went to Delhi and slept in the main bazar, He is such a bunker.
by Roy H July 31, 2005
A way to say that someone is funny looking or looks so stupid
Bro did you see Jasob he has bunker shoes he looks so bunker
by Alexis the bunker junker August 09, 2016
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