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54 definitions by Speedog

Noun (spaceflight terminology): to instantly activate the engine(s) of a terrestrial-situated spacecraft at 100% power, with no consideration of standard sequential gradation of thrust, in an attempt to immediately escape from an emergency situation.
"When Commander Leonov observed the escape tower separating from the Soyuz vehicle, he instantly engaged the crash-launch procedure, and saved his entire crew."
by speedog May 01, 2010
(Surfing term): to maneuver one's surfboard in such a manner as to attempt to pass with safety between the supporting pilings of a pier; either "head on", meaning to pass directly under the entire pier from its oceanside terminus to the beach; or "side on", meaning to pass from one side of the pier to the other at an angle oblique to the shoreline prior to reaching the beach.
"Gary said he was going to try and shoot the pier on his longboard, but we talked him out of it."
by Speedog February 01, 2010
Title: the supreme honor bestowable by the United States of America, awarded (as of the current date) to seven individuals (in ascending chronological order): Sir Winston Churchill (1963); Rauol Wallenberg (1981); William Penn & Hannah Callowhill Penn (1984); Mother Teresa (1996); General La Marquis du Lafayette (2002); General Count Kasimierz Pulaski (2009).
In April 1963, President Kennedy awarded Sir Winston Churchill with the highest honor of the United States, Honorary American citizenship.
by speedog June 14, 2010
Noun: a 238-ton whaling ship, based out of Nantucket Island (USA), famously sunk on November 20, 1820 in an encounter with "Mocha Dick", an albino sperm whale defending his pod against human predation. Incident widely acknowledged as the direct inspiration for Herman Melville's 1851 novel "Moby-Dick, or The Whale".
"Following the second hull strike by Mocha Dick, the Essex crew had only minutes to provision the surviving boats and cast-off before the ship sank."
by speedog June 13, 2010
Acronym (American slang): Driving While Blond.
"Jess claimed she was driving under the speed limit the whole time, but got pulled over on an obvious DWB."
by speedog June 12, 2010
Noun (abbreviation): a sub-orbital, intermediate range ballistic missile carrying an explosive warhead, officially known (in German) as "Vergeltungswaffe 2" (Eng. trans: "Vengeance weapon 2"), deployed by Nazi Germany against Britain and other Allied European nations beginning in September of 1944, and continuing until the cessation of its production in March, 1945.
"The V-2 was Hitler's last hope to stave off defeat, but his scientists were unable to develop a nuclear warhead which could be delivered to London, or multiple rocket staqes which could have placed Washington, D.C. within reach of the weapon."
by speedog June 12, 2010
Noun (ancient Roman naval terminology): a catapult-launched grappling hook, invented in the 1st century BCE by Marcus Agrippa, and successfully employed by himself (as commander of Roman naval forces) during the Battle of Actium, against the forces of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII, and her ally, the Roman triumvir Marcus Antonius (a.k.a. Mark Anthony).
"When Antony's larger Egyptian ships had penetrated the Roman line, Agrippa's smaller galleys successfully reeled them in for close marine combat by using the harpago."
by speedog June 08, 2010