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Noun (American slang): a positive educational grade obtained by other than accepted academic means, usually via the granting of sexual favors, or other compensation, by the student to the educator who subsequently issues the grade.
Tracy was about to flunk science, until she got an Easy A after she hooked up with the science teacher.
by speedog June 21, 2010
Noun: a manner of shaking hands peculiar to ancient Rome, in which the parties grasp each others right wrist.
"The Roman handshake was the accepted practice of greeting among gentlemen in the Western world from the beginning of the 1st century BC until the end of the 5th century AD."
by speedog April 30, 2010
Noun (usually military term): an officially recognized state of hostility or war between two or more belligerents; often expressed as the phrase "in anger", now commonly used to describe any state of conflict between opposing parties.
As of the current date, the United States remains the only nation ever to have used atomic weapons in anger, against the Japanese Empire in August 1945, in order to bring an end to Japanese resistance during World War II.
by speedog July 21, 2010
Person: nickname of American film actress Lauren Bacall, given by her (then) boyfriend, actor Humphrey Bogart, in recognition of her youth in relation to his own age.
Bogart once famously quipped "Whatever Baby wants, Baby gets."
by speedog May 27, 2010
Noun: nickname for a striped bass (Morone saxatilis), a game fish which frequents the Eastern shore regions of the United States and Canada.
Chuck almost lost the striper on his surf line, but nearby fishermen helped him land it.
by speedog June 11, 2010
Noun (astrophysics terminology): the catastrophic self-destruction of a "main sequence" stellar body via a runaway nuclear fusion reaction caused by the accretion of hydrogen atoms over time, surpassing the star's ability to burn off the accreted hydrogen prior to the initiation of the reaction.
The Crab Nebula was originally thought to be the product of a nova explosion, but is now known to be the result of the supernova of star Taurus-A.
by speedog July 09, 2010
Aviation term: a verbal queue expressed by the pilot of a propeller-driven aircraft lacking a starter to a mechanic positioned forward of the engine, indicating that the pilot has connected the main electrical circuit of the aircraft via a switch in the cockpit, and that the mechanic should manually rotate the propeller in order to start the engine.
"When Lt. Rickenbacker engaged the main switch of his S.P.A.D. fighter, he shouted 'Contact!' to his mechanic to crank the propeller."
by speedog May 23, 2010
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