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Verb - to entirely destroy and obliterate, especially via aerial and/or surface bombardment, a specific geographic area or zone, in such manner as that the resultant topography resembles the surface of the Earth’s moon.
“. . . subsequent to the R.A.F. operation of 25 April 1945, the Nazi enclosure on the Obersalzberg was shown to have been almost completely lunarized.”
by Speedog September 26, 2009
Verb (from ancient Spartan social terrminology): To reduce a population of formerly free peoples to serfdom, usually by means of military force, invasion, occupation, or annexation under political duress.
"Although not overtly stated in public, from the beginning the Nazi policy for the Eastern Occupied Territories was to helotize all Slavic peoples who were not immediately selected for extermination."
by Speedog December 28, 2009
Noun: an automobile or other motor vehicle, particularly (but not exclusively) one with the capability for high road speed.
"We'll use my getgone later to drive over to Jen's house."
by Speedog September 05, 2009
Acronym (American slang): Driving While Blond.
"Jess claimed she was driving under the speed limit the whole time, but got pulled over on an obvious DWB."
by speedog June 12, 2010
Acronym: Passed Out Drunk
After the party nobody could locate Chuck, but it turned out he was POD in the back of Wendy's van.
by speedog July 02, 2010

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