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An aggressive variant of Ask Jeeves
Now there's more than one of them?
A lot more
by Snarfevs December 05, 2004
Once an all powerful law enforcement agent in the matrix, now a virus who can copy himself into other people/programs. He's also my biological father :P
Agent Smith is going to take over the world now and there is nothing you can do about it
by MoobiusX November 13, 2003
1. (adj.)A real hard-nosed badass
2. (adj.) A 'suit' - someone who dresses in a black suit on a regular basis
3. (adj. plural) A collection of black-suited clones that gather together ie: On the train, at work, in a Starbucks, on a sidewalk.
1. That Agent Smith of a copper bloody took my bag away! It was only enough to roll one!
2. That Agent Smith over there is looking at you. Pity about the sunglasses.
3. Look at those bloody Agent Smiths walking into work. Good thing I'm on the dole.
by Kelley December 10, 2003
A badass from the Matrix Trilogy. Gets extremly pissy when Neo aka Thomas Anderson is around and feels the strange compulsion to kick Neo's ass.
Agent Smith secretly enjoys Starbucks coffee.
by Drugless May 27, 2005
Agent Smith is... let him (them) put it himself, shall we?

Smith #1 : I am the Alpha...
Smith #2 : ...Of your Omega...
Smith #3 : I am the beginning...
Smith #4 : ...Of your end.
Smith : A Smith. Agent Smith.
by The Lilac Pilgrim July 25, 2004
The coolest character of The Matrix Trilogy.
I wannabe Agent Smith (ya know, the self-copying kickass virus)!
by TheEnlightened December 21, 2004
The Polar oppisite of Neo in the matrix trilogy although i dont know if it was the same person but in all of the matrix versions there was always a smith to restart the circle but the version in the last matrix he became virus infected when he had contact with neo which led him to gain the ability of choice and of course as all evil villians go he wanted more power
Hello mister anderson *pans out to show the thousands of smiths* we missed you. like what we did with the place?
by Vash2 January 22, 2006
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