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e.g. Strip Club
Fo ya Bachelor Party we are heading out to the Butt Naked, then back to the lab for the post game.
by Smitty February 24, 2003
an expression used whn an object forcfully comes into contact with another, or a bad turn of events
also see "douchbabba"
to cars are speeding towards eachother
more homework? thats a douche!
by Smitty June 04, 2003
if you are from Kansas City, KS, this is what you call Kansas City, MO.
Man, I'm heading Overtown tonight.
by Smitty February 24, 2003
the act of One person in a group craving ice cream so much that the say out loud, we need to do a cone-ing, then piling as many people in to your car and going to get Ice cream as fast as you can
It is time for a cone-ing!
by smitty August 15, 2004
Annoying, scrawny, know-it-alls, who always answeer a question (even when you are not asking them directly), and seem to have a vast knowledge of the most pointless, useless shit you could not even imagine exsisted
what a NED might say-"Well, the clothes pin was invented in........"
by smitty August 15, 2004
Nickname for the name "Anita"
Nitty (aka anita)is cool.
by Smitty December 23, 2002
something that is humiliating yet extremely funny.
something that is outrageous and yet benefits you in a hilarious manner.
"man... thats soooo HotCarl"
by Smitty October 19, 2004
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