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Means someone that doesnt think about sex for 2 Hours
My cat o_o;
by Hufa March 14, 2004
Someone very skilled in the art of not being a complete retard.
Judge: Your word is, Intelligent
Contender: Intelligent.. I.. n.. t.. a-
Judge: Wrong, now the same question for anyone is isn't a complete retard
by PloughDough March 31, 2009
Having an IQ above room temperature.
The US goverment will only accept intelligent people.

Bush is the president, hence, he is intelligent.

His IQ is low, hence everyone is smarter than him.

Everyone is therefore smrat er than he.

Teh Klevar!
by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004
1. Capable of logic reasoning.
2. Me.
I'm omnipresent.
Thus the SETI project is useless.
by Ravek March 23, 2004
A different meaning entirely from the Oxford dictionary's suggestion. THe meaning intended here is that describing something that is mellow, chilled out, lazy, and all together the easiest path in any situation.
This tune is intelligent.
The way of the intelligent man is to use the remote control.
by Cyrus Darawalla February 18, 2004
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