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35 definitions by Smitty

means suck it up
Just dry it up and take out the trash
by smitty December 20, 2002
A mumble of letters uttered when one's mouth is full.
Bill: you got food in ur mouth
Tom : amfdiojd fdfd
by Smitty July 28, 2004
one who is grossly obese and has a mass that is real big ya heard me
Hey fatty you ate up all the snacks
by smitty May 06, 2004
A twat
That girl needs to wash her monkey!
by smitty December 20, 2002
a broadski that wheres too much makeup. often hangs around hockey rinks and is the rink managers daughter.
hey johnny i banged that sloth last night after the game
by smitty March 29, 2005
Big Mother Fuckin Hooters
man she has some BMFH!
by Smitty May 23, 2003
see "douche"
a hybrid of douche and Kulbabba
see "douche"
by Smitty June 04, 2003