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The rule you use to get out of the "bros befo hoes" rule. Only to be used when there is a >80% chance of you getting laid.
I know our rule is bros befo hoes, but you see that girl all up on me? It's self-first tonight. Sorry Playa
by Smitty February 24, 2003
When something is beyond the description of ridiculous.
Mitch's theories and views of the world are ridonkulous!
by Smitty December 23, 2003
A standard a man uses when he's looking to have sex
Yeah she's ugly, Yeah she has big forehead, yes she's a hermaphrodite, but dude she's still bangable
by Smitty November 08, 2003
One who takes part in the bashing of the entire homosexual culture.
Hey I've got two gay basher friends.
by smitty May 06, 2004
Doing your thang. Putting your mack down.
Playboy, I'm just out here doing my thug thizzle
by Smitty February 24, 2003
the one and only steadfast rule when you have to make a decision beween a woman and you boyz. Can be used to get out of a sticky situation with an ugly woman. The only rule more strict than bros before hoes is self-first
Baby, I'd love to kick it with ya, but you know, bros befo hoes


Man, yous a punk, you know the rule, bros befo hoes, now come on!
by Smitty February 24, 2003
means the same as "any how"
Use in conversation when switching topics abruptly
Now what was I talking about.... any who, you want pizza
by smitty December 20, 2002
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