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The security guard that led half-life on its way to the top.
CS lives because of Barney.
by Seth August 04, 2004
One who loves and worships the cock so much, that they can summon it at great will
"That bitch is such a cockmonger!"
by Seth March 23, 2005
The male version of a faghag.
A straight male with a gay confidant.
Perhaps call his confidant a stagfag
g1> Those two are always talking...I didn't know Jon was gay.
g2> Nah, he's just fagstagging.
by Seth March 04, 2004
An infection contracted through sexual intercourse...
Twat was that? I cunt hear. I have an infucktion in my ear.
by Seth November 29, 2004
The ironetik takes the cock in all circumstances, it is the male gay gene
seth stood staring at hole in the wall that led through to the girls showers at his school but it did not interest him, the ironetik in him was to strong so he moved to his favourite place, the male urinals
by Seth March 10, 2003
Any art having to do with anal or butt focused techniques.
Kelly: You just want to violently take over the world?
Methos: Yes, and I'll be forced to use analjitsu to subdue all who oppose me.
by Seth November 20, 2004
That guy was bucknutty.
by seth July 16, 2003

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