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77 definitions by Seth

"messed up", "broken",
"that is gimped of you to cheat in pool"
by seth November 17, 2003
Something cool. See Clockwork Orange.
The Durango 95 purred through the streets real horrorshow.
by seth June 08, 2004
Kaiba's little brother, usually taken hostage when an enemy wants something from Kaiba.
Pegasus,the Ghouls,and Noa have all had mokuba for a hostage at one time.
by Seth November 11, 2003
Acronym for Tau Kappa Epsilon, the best fraternity in the fucking world.
Some Kid: TKE is awsome!
Me: Then rush.
by Seth March 17, 2005
Hardened discs on the tips of the toes that protect the toe. Females like to paint their toenails all different colors.
Samantha painted her toenails red, then she stuck them in my mouth, and I began to suck on them. For the next hour, she made love to me with only her red painted toenails.
by Seth March 26, 2004
One who loves and worships the cock so much, that they can summon it at great will
"That bitch is such a cockmonger!"
by Seth March 23, 2005
The security guard that led half-life on its way to the top.
CS lives because of Barney.
by Seth August 04, 2004