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Kaiba's little brother, usually taken hostage when an enemy wants something from Kaiba.
Pegasus,the Ghouls,and Noa have all had mokuba for a hostage at one time.
by Seth November 11, 2003
Something cool. See Clockwork Orange.
The Durango 95 purred through the streets real horrorshow.
by seth June 08, 2004
The very best way to rent DVDs you order them online and they come in the mail no late fees, you can have 3 out at a time, and you don't have to deal with the asshole employees at Blockbuster. All for only $20 a month charged to your credit card.
"Wanna go to Blockbuster?"
"Shit no!! I got Netflix and I can keep my movies out for as long as I want best of all I don't have to deal with Blockbusters lackluster selection and the employees who treat me like shit."
by seth February 10, 2004
Hardened discs on the tips of the toes that protect the toe. Females like to paint their toenails all different colors.
Samantha painted her toenails red, then she stuck them in my mouth, and I began to suck on them. For the next hour, she made love to me with only her red painted toenails.
by Seth March 26, 2004
Acronym for Tau Kappa Epsilon, the best fraternity in the fucking world.
Some Kid: TKE is awsome!
Me: Then rush.
by Seth March 17, 2005
The restaurant from Office Space where employees have to have a minimum of 15 pieces of flair.
"Hey guys wanna go to Chotchkies get some coffee?"
by seth February 10, 2004
computer-mediated sexual interaction between the
{VR} presences of two humans. This practice is not yet possible except
in the rather limited form of erotic conversation on {MUD}s and the
like. The term, however, is widely recognized in the VR community as a
{ha ha only serious} projection of things to come.
connect to my teledildonics server now biatch!
by Seth July 06, 2003

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