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The state of acting perpetually stoned, strung out, high, while at the same time displaying an outword quality of mellowness.
Fred was pulled over by the cop, and was drug tested because he was experiening Kobermaina.
by Seth March 08, 2005
A blog with great power; an excellent blog.
Here's the url to that guy's blizog. Man, that fucker can write!
by Seth May 02, 2004
Slizzel's new album is off the hizzel fa shizzel ma wizzel.
by Seth October 03, 2003
Where one gets on all 4's(knees & hands), rubs up on somebody's leg, and meows like a cat.
"John, you should do the kitty dance!"
by Seth March 23, 2005
the best fucking team in the world
demyze owned the crap out of 3D
by seth January 17, 2005
Object> to mame your opponents genitals when they are not looking using a miniature bic lighter
Rules> There are no rules to tappy at this time.
Although the odds are slim, tappy has been sucessfully implemented into a respected form of "Tippy".
by Seth December 02, 2004
It's when you bone two or more (usually three) of the hottest babes you know, at the same time. A few rules apply
1) You must know or have met all the babes
2) They must be hot as fuck
3) A sum of money may be involved to stimulate their participation
4) Video equipment may be utilized for future benification
5) You must literally bone every babe, all at once, for it to be true bonination
6) All the babes must get with eachother too
Hombre 1: So yesterday I achieved bonination
Hombre 2: No way, with who?
Hombre 1: my girlfriend Kat, Liz, and Joy, that chick who works at that mexican resteraunt
by Seth March 08, 2004

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