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Acronym for Tau Kappa Epsilon, the best fraternity in the fucking world.
Some Kid: TKE is awsome!
Me: Then rush.
by Seth March 17, 2005
A fraternity that accepts the Lowest Common Denominator.
If you can't go Greek, go TKE. If you can't go TKE, go home.
by Rick S March 20, 2007
Tau Kappe Epsilon
The world largest fraternity also the best it isnt bragging if it is a face
Ron Jeramy,Ronald Regan,Willie Nelson

TKE's are the shit
by CristianNV1987 November 30, 2007
1. A second-tier UC Berkeley fraternity that never studies always throws parties... no matter the condition.

2. A place where open kegs and intoxicated sorority girls out-match books 3:1
Jeremy, are you ever going to study that Poly Sci? Our final is tomorrow.

Jeremy: Nah, party at TKE tonight. Why study South Africa? We're going get fucked up and vandalize Stanford.
by DrProfant007 December 07, 2007
fraternity. loves natty. and makes panties drop like no other. typlically you must be an asshole to become a tke and or rape animals and children. be prepared for lots of hazing. you may have to eat your own vomit. also you must screw AST girls, aka the mothers of most dumpster babies, who tend to carry STDs.
guy 1. hey brad are you pledging tke?
brad. hell no screwing goats isnt my thing..
by kishortt December 22, 2010
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